Breeders of award winning Mini Smooth Dachshunds

Located in Brisbane Southside

DACHEARTS is a reputable breeder of high-quality mini smooth dachshunds located in Brisbane Southside.

We actively participate in confirmation shows across QLD and NSW, including the prestigious EKKA Canine Competition, where they proudly secured second and third place ribbons amidst fierce competition in 2023.

Why Mini Smooth Dachshunds?

  • Really low maintenance 
  • They love to sleep on your lap and in your bed
  • They shed little hair, little grooming is needed
  • They only need a small yard for exercise, so they are great for apartment living.
  • They are very smart and can toilet train them pretty easily.
  • They are very loyal dogs, love and protect their owners

Dachshunds, with their endearing charm and distinctive physique, have captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts for generations. Their boundless loyalty and remarkable adaptability make them the best dogs for families and individuals seeking not just a pet, but a lifelong, loyal companion.

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