My tips for mastering the Show Dog Circuit


Here are some insights I’ve gained on the journey to entering the world of show dogs. It’s a challenging path, so brace yourself for considerable rejection. If you’re not equipped to handle setbacks, I would advise against pursuing this sport. It’s demanding and can be emotionally taxing. However, the sense of achievement is immensely gratifying.

Upon selecting the dog you adore and intend to exhibit, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with breeders and industry insiders. Establish connections with as many as possible to demonstrate your commitment.

Ensure you acquire a dog with a Mains registration, as it’s the only valid registration for confirmation shows in Australia. Attend dog shows, observe, and engage with participants. Building rapport is essential for recognition within the community.

Reach out to breeders listed on platforms like Dogzonline via email to inquire about purchasing a Mains registered dog. Be prepared for the substantial cost associated with this endeavour.

Dedicate ample time to training and grooming your dog. Early training is vital to prepare them for the show ring. Maintaining a nutritious diet is paramount to their health and performance.

Accepting defeat gracefully is integral to the dog show experience. Judges’ decisions vary, so it’s essential not to take losses too personally.

When victory comes, acknowledge it graciously and relish the moment privately. Winning is exhilarating and only fuels your desire for more success.

Best of Breed Winner March 2024

Participating in dog shows incurs expenses, but it offers opportunities for travel and outdoor enjoyment.

Achieving your dog’s Championship Title is a momentous occasion you’ll cherish forever. The pride you feel in your dog and yourself is unparalleled.